Brussels Model European Union Invites to Experience Challenges of Being a Member of the European Parliament

It is interesting to experience the challenges of being a Member of the European Parliament or a Minister in the Council. Brussels Model European Union gives the chance of 150 participants from more than 35 countries to represent their country as a Head of State or Government in the European Councils. During one week in Brussels, participants gather in a simulation of the European decision-making procedure and debate pressing topics on the EU agenda, taking on the role of Members of the European Parliament, Heads of State, Ministers in the Council, or journalists. As such, they play the roles of real policy makers and encounter all the difficulties and challenges required to make democracy funtion. By doing so, they explore and develop soft skills such as debating, negotiation, diplomatic language, public speaking and learn about Europe and Europeans through intercultural dialogue.

Deadline to apply: 23rd of January 2018.

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