It’s Illogical to Talk About Any Concessions by Armenia in the Reconciliation Process with Turkey


At the plenary session of the PACE, during the question-and-answer panel followed by the RA President’s speech, the reference to the Armenian-Turkish relations was also quite important. Speaking about the destructive actions of Turkey – about the preconditions of Turkey and the policy of supporting Azerbaijan, Serzh Sargsyan urged Turkey to abandon that policy to maintain fragile stability in the region. At the same time, he clarified that “our people would be offended if Armenia goes to one-sided compromises” to normalize the Armenian-Turkish relations.

It is not a secret for anybody, including the international community, that the “football diplomacy” initiated by Armenia in 2008 and the Zurich process failed because of Turkey, as it violated its commitment to normalize relations with Armenia without preconditions. Moreover, during this whole period Turkey does not cease to voice these preconditions in connection with Karabakh conflict and does not avoid supporting the hostile policy and military actions of Azerbaijan against Armenia. The most vivid example of this was the adoption of five statements during the four-day April war in defense of Azerbaijan.

In such a case, talking about Armenia’s concessions is more than illogical. Actually, today we are dealing with a country which authorities have not changed their behavior: on these days we are witnessing the actions against the Kurds in Syria, aimed at strengthening the position of one person – Erdogan and his “sultanate”. In this situation, there is nothing else to do then wait for more balanced authorities in Turkey, with which it will be possible to establish a dialogue.

Greta Avetisyan