Karen Bekaryan: We Will Not Tolerate that Anyone Talked to Us with Preconditions

By calling back the signature from the Armenian-Turkish protocols, we are ending the Armenian-Turkish process and turning that page. Karen Bekaryan, a member of the National Assembly of Armenia, Chairman of the “European Integration” NGO, expressed such an opinion today at a press conference in “Armenpress” press center. According to him, the signature was called back right now for a number of reasons. As the first reason, he pointed out the completion of the process in a reasonable timeframe. Second, according to the new Constitution Armenia is becoming a parliamentary country, and now it was the most appropriate time to put a logical end of that stage.

Trying to summarize what gave us the Armenian-Turkish process, Karen Bekaryan first mentioned that, from the very start he was one of the supporters of that process. According to him, since the independence of the Republic of Turkey, that country, with all its levers, insisted that Armenia does not want to move forward, it has complexes and lives only looking back to its history. “A a nation that survived Genocide, we became the initiator of such a process, which, first of all, broke Turkey’s propaganda and proved that Armenia was ready for dialogue without preconditions. That initiative was a sincere process aimed at weakening tensions in the region.

In the whole process leading to the ratification of the protocols, Armenia has shown to the world that Turkey is trying to retreat from its obligations or, at least, delay the ratification of the protocols. The picture was obvious – there were signed protocols and it was clear that it was Turkey’s turn to take a step. Thus, in a reasonable timeframe showing Turkey’s behavior to the world, Armenia started taking certain steps. First, we recalled the protocols from the National Assembly, and then at the UN GA, the RA President announced that Armenia would enter the spring without these protocols. After which, we called back the signature and now the protocols no longer exist,” Karen Bekaryan said.

According to the speaker, as a result of the process, all the partners fixed the goodwill of Armenia, which wanted to establish stability in the region and improve relations with Turkey. Second, as it has already been mentioned, Turkey’s propaganda for decades about “Armenia’s complexes and living only with history” vanished and it is no longer possible to deceive the world. “Armenia showed that it does not speak with preconditions to any one and will not tolerate it if any one talked to it like that,” Karen Bekaryan said.

In an answer to the question why Turkey has not responded so far, Karen Bekaryan said that Turkey has always tried to present the process as a result of possible pressure by Azerbaijan, but the situation and the real reason are quite different. In other words, this is Turkey’s behavior – to distract attention from one place to another. According to him, Turkey had a clear idea that if the protocols were to be implemented, later they would have to face the events of 1915 at a certain point. In other words, there was a process from which Turkey felt the fear. According to Karen Bekaryan, there was a factor in Azerbaijan but it was not the first one.