US Threats Do not Frighten Iran

Photo: The Duran

Strengthening US pressure on Iran could have a negative impact on the situation in the whole Middle East. The Russian MFA made such a statement touching upon the 12 demands proposed by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Dmitri Peskov, RF President’s Spokesperson, said in his turn that the developments depend on how these 12 demands are to be considered by Tehran.

Meanwhile, in Tehran, in response to Pompeo’s conditions, they have already stated that the new threats of Washington and the real cause of pressure on Iran are despair and helpless. The Iranian government said they were not going to speak in the language of ultimatums. Tehran assesses the statements of the US Secretary of State as an open intervention in Iran’s internal affairs and an illegal threat to the UN member states.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani in his turn said the United States has no right to dictate its rules to other countries. He noted that Tehran will continue its political course with the support of the people.

Iran’s nuclear program chief Ali Akbar Salehi also responded to Pompeо’s statement, noting that Iran will continue to follow the nuclear program agreement if the European Union compensates for the damage Tehran will face as a result of US sanctions. According to him, “now the ball is on the side of Europe”.

By the way, French Minister of Economy Bruno Le Maire earlier stated that Brussels can compensate for the sanctions announced by Washington. High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini stated in her turn that the nuclear deal signed with Iran is an important achievement of international diplomacy and the EU will remain committed to it.

In her opinion, the statement of the US Secretary of State does not reflect how the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal makes the region more secure from spreading nuclear weapons or how that step will help to have more serious leverage to influence Iran’s move.

Germany also expressed concern over the statement of Mike Pompeo. Berlin is concerned that Washington’s actions can push Tehran from the nuclear agreement.

However, Iran is not going to follow the example of the United States yet, but it will not accept the terms presented by Pompeo.

As it is known, the US has ruled out a nuclear deal with Iran by the decision of President Donald Trump, demanding the signing of a new, more favorable agreement with Washington. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently presented a list of demands to Tehran. He noted that the United States is ready to cancel all sanctions, restore trade and diplomatic relations with Iran and open access to advanced technology for Tehran if the latter fulfills Washington’s demands.

Pompeօ generally mentioned 12 conditions, including: to allow IAEA experts to access Iranian facilities, to stop uranium and plutonium enrichment, to refrain from the development of nuclear weapons missiles, to stop supporting the terrorist groups operating in the Middle East, to remove from Syria forces under the command of Iran.

Note that many experts believe that the 12 demands declared by the United States are more similar to declaring war. It is not excluded that it is extremely important for the US leadership to revise the deal made by the previous government with Iran, as it is essential for Trump to determine the terms of this agreement. However, the demands are so sharp that Iran will hardly agree to fulfill them.