Lapshin: The Azerbaijani Regime Is Kidnapping and Killing Anyone it Doesn’t Like

Photo: РИА Новости

“The Azerbaijani regime is kidnapping and killing anyone it doesn’t like” – this is the title of Alexander Lapshin’s op-ed in Le Monde daily.

In the article Lapshin talks about his sufferings in the Azeri jail. He served 7 months prior to being pardoned and deported to Israel.

Lapshin says he is a travel blogger who has been to more than 130 countries and that he isn’t interested in politics, he likes peace, nature, history, good food and beautiful women.

“Even in my worst nightmares I couldn’t have imagined becoming the victim of the political game of two harsh dictators”, he says, referring to Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko.

He mentions how he was arrested in 2016 while in Belarus. “Police officers stormed into my hotel room, shouting: On the ground or we will shoot. You are under arrest at the demand of Azerbaijan for visiting Karabakh”. He says at the moment his laptop was switched on and he was talking to his wife, and the latter saw what was happening and contacted the Israeli and Russian embassies.