Azerbaijani Human Right Activist Is Being Criticized for Having Dinner with Armenians

Azerbaijani human rights activist Emin Huseynov attended the OSCE Annual Conference on human rights, the rule of law and democracy that kicked off on September 10 in Warsaw, ARMENPRESS reports Azerbaijani pro-governmental media outlets inform.

Huseynov, who is famous for regularly criticizing the Aliyev regime, met in Warsaw with the representatives of the Armenian community of Poland and had consultations with the Armenian NGOs.

After the meeting Emin Huseynov had dinner with Armenians at Golden Apricot restaurant in Warsaw, which is the beloved place of Armenians.

This became a reason of wrath among the Azerbaijani pro-governmental circles, reflected in media.

This shows that the “tolerance” propagated by Azerbaijani leadership in international arenas is a complete falsehood.