Draft Brexit Deal Reached between UK and EU

Photo: vestikavkaza

Downing Street has confirmed that a draft Brexit agreement has been reached between the UK and European Union, Euronews reported.

British Prime Minister Theresa May will present it to her senior ministers today on November 14, but it is unclear if May will be able to get any deal approved by UK parliament.

Cabinet will meet at 2 pm today to consider the draft agreement the negotiating teams have reached in Brussels, and to decide on next steps.

Ministers have also been invited to read the documents before the meeting.

According to Euronews’ UK Correspondent Vincent McAviney, the prime minister May was calling in her cabinet ministers one by one last night to show them the relevant sections of the agreement. They were not be able to take the text away and had the night to sleep on it to decide if they would support May or resign. No immediate details of the deal have been supplied by the British government, but it is said to be hundreds of pages long.

With under five months until the Brexit divorce date of March 29, 2019, the issue of the so-called Northern Irish backstop was the main outstanding point.

It is not clear what has been agreed on with Ireland, whose border has remained open and free of tariffs since the 1998 Good Friday agreement.