Young Journalists for Trust Building: ASA Invites Young Journalists to Apply for International Youth Project

Non-Governmental Organization – Alliance for Society Advancement (ASA) is preparing an international Youth project to raise young journalist’s awareness how media can play positive role in conflict transformation.

The project objectives include to:

-   Provide training on Trust building, reconciliation, intercultural relations to young media workers coming from conflict affected communities.

-  Aware young media workers that media should contribute to dialogue and understanding; Promote ethical journalism as inaccurate reporting avoid hate speech and generating social tension through stereotyping and negative images

-   Establish closer cooperation between young journalists, reduce the gap existing between young media workers coming from conflict affected communities, as well as establish contacts with their colleagues from EU, exchange knowledge, practice and methodologies

The Project will deliver:

-  One-week training course,

-  Create online platform for young journalists for cooperation and trust building, new common projects and to involve more youth in trust building projects / mainly youth coming from conflict divided communities

-  The project will prepare short video reflecting the project objective and an appeal promoting ethical, unbiased media contributing peaceful interaction and trust building

Participant Countries: Georgia, Ukraine, Armenia, Russia, Moldova, Albania, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Turkey, Czech Republic

Participants Profile:

-   Young journalists, working on traditional and new media, bloggers, social media activists, who are interested in contributing to build trust between conflict divided communities, act for ethical and balanced journalism and to promote peace through media.

Deadline for receiving application forms: December 30.2018

For more information visit here.