Solo Exhibition of Lev Bayakhchev to Open in Yerevan

SarGallery in Yerevan will host a solo exhibition of the honored artist of the Georgian SSR Lev Bayakhchev on September 8. As Director at the gallery Armine Sahakyan told, the exhibition will feature works from museum and private collections of the great master to be displayed for the first time in Armenia. Overall, 30 works will be displayed, 12 of which have been brought to Armenia from private collections abroad.

Bayakhchev was born in Tbilisi Georgia, in the family of a civil engineer S.G. Bayakhchev. in 1953-1959 after graduation from a secondary school he studied at Tbilisi State Academy of Arts. He studied in studios of such artists as: prof. S.S. Kobuladze, prof. V. Ch. Shukhaeva, prof. A.K. Kutateladze, prof. K. Sanadze. He graduated from the Academy with honors.

In 1954 he was awarded for excellent performance by a trip to St. Petersburg (the former Leningrad), Moscow. Conversance with museum treasures played a key role in improvement of his artistic and professional skills, as well as capacity building.

Lev Bayakhchev depicts a huge and kind world in his art, which the audience admires. Portraits, nudity, landscapes, still lives – he worked on these eternal themes until the last day of his life.