Trump Managed to Consolidate the Republican Party and Strengthen His Positions Through Impeachment Process

Photo: AP

The third attempt in the history of America to oust the incumbent president has failed. President Donald Trump has been found not guilty in his impeachment trial by the Senate.  Democrat’s expectations have vanished into thin air.

The fact that Trump will be acquitted at end of month’s long impeachment process was even expected by the Democrats.  But they hoped that the impeachment process and the accusations would serve as a basis for the re-election campaign, will affect how Americans view President Trump and will weaken the Republicans.

But the opposite happened. Trump has managed to consolidate the Republican Party and strengthen his positions ahead of the November 2020 presidential election. Moreover, according to a sociological study published by the Gallup International Agency, Donald Trump’s rating has reached historic high. Nowadays, he is backed by 49% of Americans, which is a pretty good result against the backdrop of Democrats falling rating.

Not only the failure of Trump’s impeachment, but also the recent Iowa caucuses, testifies to that.

Supporters of the Democratic Party were to decide the name of Donald Trump’s main contender in the November presidential election, but the electoral contest of the 2020 campaign turned into a chaos. The results were delayed due to “inconsistencies”.   Before the official numbers were published, the candidates themselves started publishing the results of voting. Moreover, after publishing the results it became clear that the most discussed candidate, Joe Biden, who was to become Trump’s main opponent, came in an embarrassing fourth place in the primary caucus state. Social media users began to discuss how Americans can trust Democrats when they are not even able to calculate election results in one state.

President Trump’s job approval rating soars to its highest point. The fact that he is going to win reelection in 2020 is becoming more realistic.