From Independence to Cognition, or vice versa?

The high idea of independence should be an absolute value particularly for such small countries as ours. However, it should be understood that independence in this regard is rather a relative phenomenon, especially if we take into consideration the scarcity of our resources (both material, and already, intellectual) as well as not that effective management of the very resources. And for the utmost serving of the very relativity to our interests a daily industrious and goal-oriented work is needed.

It is no secret that we, Armenians, are very industrious people. However, [I emphasize] out of non favourable circumstances our work seems to be mainly directed towards earning our daily living to meet our basic needs and based on short-term calculations… A Sisyphean condition…? But what can be done to change this situation?

Perhaps the answers to this question may vary and can be derived from socio-economic, political factors as well. I myself also emphasize the very factors. However, I particularly prioritize and want to draw your attention to the following problem. I think we should first of all start from discovering ourselves. That is to know our present-day drawbacks and advantages, our weaknesses and opportunities.

Ultimately, the sooner we manage to get to know and employ our real potential the more effective and constructive our present and future will be.

 Heghine Helen Nazaryan


NGO “European Integration” with assistance of US Embassy in Armenia has launched the project “Together!”. We are pleased to announce the contest for designers and PR specialists on topic of “Peace” in the framework of the project. For details, please, press here.