“Eurovision mood” in Yerevan

A very special event is starting in our capital that is a very unique and unprecedented occasion in the history of RA. “Junior Eurovision 2011” context is taking place in Yerevan.

The delegations have arrived a few days ago and are actively preparing for the contest with a hope that it is them who is going to win. Together with them millions of Armenians too are looking forward to the contest to see it with pride how the whole Europe will be following events in Yerevan and how millions of Europeans will be pronouncing the words “Armenia” and “Yerevan”. This is, indeed, a very special occasion in Armenia’s life that will introduce her to many people leaving in other parts of the world which probably have not heard of her before. This special occasion will probably raise their interest towards our country and reveal it to them as a part of Europe that has hosted the famous European contest.

Moreover, this event has also positive economic and political factors which include the development of tourism, the deepening of European integration process and so on. I tried to find out the Yerevanians’ opinion on this occasion. On my inquiry whether they are glad that “Junior Eurovision” takes place in Armenia, I mostly received positive feedback. “Of course I’m glad. Many children will visit our city, and when they are back, will tell about her to their friends.”, “I’m very glad because we are also getting involved in world matters.” And many more were the answers. 

However, I should also mention the fact that as a Yerevanian I am sad about the lack of enough enthusiasm and joy in the city towards this celebration. Many even do not feel that the contest is so close. Many of my friends share my opinion too. There are very few posters, signs in the city and there is very little brightness and celebration that should have brought with it this joyful and bright junior contest. Although some people say that they happen to see cars with “Junior Eurovision 2011” stickers on them in Yerevan streets.

Nevertheless, let’s not forget that we are the ones to create our city’s mood and let’s make it bright and celebrating with our smiles and positive energy.

We wish good luck to all the participants and particularly to the junior representative of our country – Dalita.


Anna Karapetyan