Yesterday “Project Management Guide” book has been presented to the Armenian readers. The book is published by Armenian Project Management Association with the sponsorship of VivaCell-MTS Armenia.

“Very few companies in Armenia know about project designing and management. The very idea should be spread and it is important that business world has the knowledge on it. The very book will serve as a guide on that way,” says Ralph Yirikian, VivaCell-MTS General Manager.

Yirikyan also added, “Estimation of risks and their minimization requires flexibility. Developing skills add on to the necessary experience and time – factors, which do not always suffice to achieve anticipated results. The newly published guide can serve as a source of advice for all those, who wish to discover the model of success. Specialists with relevant training will help in understanding the language of the guide faster and more efficiently”.

The book is structured in a way as to offer basic knowledge in this sphere.