The European Parliament will not discuss the EU-Belarus diplomatic row during the March 12-15 plenary session in Strasbourg because the EP has decided to give Minsk time for deliberation, Vice President Jacek Protasiewicz said.

“We’ve intentionally decided to adopt a resolution on Belarus two weeks later, during a plenary session in Brussels,” Mr. Protasiewicz said in an interview with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. “It is officially explained that the agenda of the session is already too heavy, but there have lately been unprecedented events in the European history of recent years.”

The conflict between the European Union and Belarus is so bitter that “only one step remains before a de facto break of diplomatic relations, that is, asking the Belarusian ambassadors to EU countries to leave for consultations and thus limiting the diplomatic relations to the level that currently exists between Minsk and Washington,” Mr. Protasiewicz said.

“This cannot be ruled out, but we have decided to give time for deliberation to Minsk in the first instance because it was Minsk that started all this,” he said. “Maybe, Minsk will sober up during these two weeks. We don’t want to isolate Belarus, but we want to make Minsk do what is of particular importance to us. At present this is the release of the political prisoners in the first instance.”


Source: Naviny.by