“My European Friend and I” Youth Contest

The European Union Delegation to Armenia invites you to participate in “My European Friend and I” video competition for Europe Day 2012.

The winner will receive an iPad (New iPad, 3rd generation)

The next top five entries with most votes will receive special prize

All participants get Europe Day keepsakes and certificates

Who can participate?

- nationals or residents of Armenia

- both amateurs and professionals in video-making

You do not have to be a professional to participate!

How to participate?

- prepare a short 60 second video

- upload it on YouTube

- fill in the application form, including the link to the video

- send it to europeday@deem.am

- deadline: 9 May 2012 at 24:00 (Yerevan time)

When will be the results announced?

The results will be announced on Europe Day celebration on 12 May, 2012 at Northern Avenue.

Note: Each participant can submit only one video for the contest. Please mention Europe Day Youth Contest 2012 in the subject line of your Email.

What should be the theme of the video?

New! We encourage cross-cultural communication so there is a new requirement for the contest. You must make the video with the participation of or featuring a European friend, acquaintance or just someone new from Europe willing to support you.

In your video, you should address the some or all of the following topics:

- The European Union: How do you imagine the life of young people living in the European Union
My friend’s country: Tell us about the values that you and your European friend share
My European friend: show what your friend and you have in common or different from cultural perspective
Friendship: Tell us what new things you have discovered about or what your European friend has discovered about Armenia through your friendship

Languages: You can use Armenian, Russian or English. Alternatively, you can decide not to use words at all.

Note: At the end of the video you must invite your friends to join the celebration of Europe Day in Armenia on 12 May 2012 at Northern Avenue (BTW Pushkin&Abovyan str.)

How can I engage someone from Europe to participate or to be featured in the video?

There are many options and opportunities especially with social media available. If you do not have a European friend think of a peer who does. Or search Facebook and other social media virtual places connecting people globally. There are many European youth projects in Armenia who can help you with reference. If you want to make a step we are sure you can find many ways of engaging a peer from a European country willing to help you with the contest. Ask them to send a footage from Europe to include in your video or make it together.

How long should the video be?

The video must NOT be longer than one minute, including the closing part. The jury will not consider videos longer than one minute. Make sure you put on your creative hats and express your ideas by means of visual objects, words and sound in 60 seconds!

Who will choose the winner and when will the results be announced?
The winner will be selected by a panel of judges, based on the relevance and creativity of the entry, as well as the number of votes the video receives by the deadline of the contest (24:00 on 9 May) on YouTube and the event’s official Facebook page.

So, encourage your friends to vote for you online on Europe Day in Armenia Facebook page. The results will be announced at the celebration of Europe Day on 12 May 2012 on the Northern Avenue. More details of the event will be provided to all contest participants closer to the date.

Does the video have to be produced professionally and well-edited?
You don’t have to be a professional to participate in the contest. Feel free to use any type of camera or mobile phone, software and other resources. You can edit your video from more than one take, add captions, photos or other materials! Creativity is encouraged!

However, do note that any sound on the video needs to be clear – if you wish to record your video outside, you may want to use a microphone or at least make sure that there isn’t too much noise, making it difficult to understand you.

I am having technical problems uploading the video. What can I do?
If you followed the video submission guidelines, before you do anything else, please also check the YouTube help resources. If they are of no help, please contact 094 44 33 36 and we’ll try to be helpful.

As there is always a risk of technical problems, we strongly recommend you not to leave shooting and uploading the contest entries until the last day before the deadline. Late or incomplete entries will not be considered.