According to the Chairman of NGO “European Integration” Karen Bekaryan Armenia must come to a decision whether to join the Eurasian Union or not after its detailed package has been  elaborated. In his words, such a package does not exist yet. Once the package is ready, only then can it be clear whether the points preventing Armenia’s European Integration have been included in it.  ”Only then, based on the details of the package can Yerevan give a final response to the proposal of joining Eurasian Union”, – said Bekaryan. As a supporter of European Integration Bekaryan noted that any additional economic process is extremely needed for Armenia.  “Putting all eggs in one basket without searching for other tools is not correct, especially taking into account the closed borders and complicated situation in the region”, – expressed his opinion Bekaryan.

The concept of Eurasian Union was proposed in 1994 by President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and was brought to attention in October 2011 by the Prime Minister of Russia, Vladimir Putin that noted that the Eurasian Union would not become a new USSR nor will it substitute CIS.

The Armenian mass media restarted discussions on the topic of Eurasian Union in the framework of the visit of Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan to Moscow, considering that it should be the key topic of the meeting. Nevertheless, according to Karen Bekaryan the key point on the agenda of the Russian-Armenian presidential meeting most probably was the topic of Syria.
“The fact that the visit of Armenian President to Russia was so urgent that he had to interrupt his holidays gave grounds for speculations. Many considered Eurasian integration to be the key issue of the meeting. But it is difficult to agree with that consideration”, – noted K. Bekaryan.    In his words the tensions in Syria reach beyond the borders of the country. “We have a rather rough region. During the previous 10-14 days we have recorded the tensions in Syria that transfer the tension of 1,5 years from local into regional “, – noted the expert. And in this context, in his words, it is necessary to take into consideration a number of factors. “Firstly – the friendly relations with Syria during the two decades and the historic links. The second factor – escalation of tensions in Aleppo where the main part of Armenians of Syria reside.  Besides, there has been activisation of actions in the bordering countries: there is some information about Turkish forces crossing the Syrian border. Iran is becoming more active too. In case if something happens in Turkey and Iran, Armenia will become the immediate neighbour of the «hot spot» – mentioned K. Bekaryan.

In all this it is important to take into account the relations of RA-RF that happen to be strategic partners. According to the political analyst, Russia and Armenia are responsible for the Southern direction of CSTO. “Considering the possible force majeure scenario in this direction, it is more than natural that the strategic partners have consultations on that issues, – noted Bekaryan.
Besides, according to the expert, Moscow is becoming more active in its cooperation with Yerevan on the background of negotiations between Russia and Azerbaijan about  Gabalinski RLS. The protocol about extending the dates of Russian military base in Armenia has been annexed with new statements – extension of its functions in case of a threat for Armenia. ” After all this there is no need to try to find anything else in the agenda of Sargsyan’s meeting with Putin. We need to learn not to be tossed about between the black and white, and understand that it is possible to be in good relations with Western countries which will not hinder the strategic union with Russia”, – mentioned K.Bekaryan.