There is a slow down in political activities not only in Armenia but in Europe as well: prime-ministers and presidents exhausted after the struggles for the sake of Euro, have gone to the longed-awaited vacations. And what is interesting, practically every European leader decided to show his/her citizens that they do care about the current economic situation. They themselves served as an example of traveling by train and flying with cheap airlines.

For instance, French president Francois Holland during his electoral campaign had promised the voters to be “a normal president”. Probably, for the very reason, his first holidays since his presidency Holland is enjoying without any expensive yachts and billionaire friends. He is now spending his holidays in his presidential residence in Bregancon, where he reached travelling by an ordinary train from Lyon station of Paris.

As to the German president Joachim Gauck, he is spending his first holidays on his new post in Olympic London,  afterwards he will travel to Polish Kostrzyn on the Oder, where he initiated the opening of one of the largest rock-festivals in Europe.

Italian PM Mario Monti has spent a several-day holidays in a small town of Arona on the coast of Maggiore, which is Silvio Berlusconi’s favourite resort as well.

It is already the sixth time that Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel is spending her holidays in South Tyrol, a German-speaking province in Italy. Together with her husband Merkel has stopped in a four-star hotel Marlet located in a 1900-meters high village. Witnesses claim that  this year Merkel seemed to have more bodyguards than she previously had.

For the leaders of the countries strongly affected by economic crisis  holidays are of secondary importance.

For instance, Greek PM Antonis Samaras has given up the idea of taking some rest. Instead, he is conducting negotiations with the representatives of Greece’s creditors. He demanded the same from his subordinates. On the other hand, Portuguese PM Pedro Passos Coelho let his subordinates take some rest on the condition that they would not leave abroad.  Coelho himself will spend two weeks with his family in Portugal.

Similar to Greece, there is no time for rest in Portugal’s neighbouring Spain as well. Most of the ministers have to delay their holidays as much as possible and those who are going on a vacation, travel closer to their places. Here is what the Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy said recently, “I wish everyone, who is able to afford it, good holidays!”.

However, the British PM David Cameron’s location for summer vacations is kept as a secret. The official press-service of Downing Street announced that the Head of British Cabinet is planning to spend two weeks in continental Europe together with his wife and three children.

It remains to add that Armenian president Serzh Sargsyan also spends his summer break in Europe, as some media reports, in German Baden-Baden…

Prepared by Karine Ohanyan