Why am I lucky?

Have you ever asked yourself this question?… That’s a pity, but I am more than assured that many of us have never wondered about this. We are rather eager to ask “Why am I so unlucky?” and never wonder what the reason of our luck is.

Maybe it comes from the very psychology that we all think we deserve to be happy: and, of course, that is the way it should be, as I deserve it… There hardly exists a person, who accepts the justness of his or her misfortune.

Let us try to ask ourselves the reason we are lucky. It is this question that makes us confess every good and beautiful thing, every positive phenomenon in our life which is here right now, and which might not exist as well. This question reminds us of our dearest people who are always by our side, and God forbid, who might not be there as well.

Ultimately, this question makes us duly appreciate many opportunities life grants us, enjoy its fruits, and again, which we might as well be missing.

The latter thought stroke me one day and I realized how lucky I am. I am lucky as I have caring parents, a precious brother and a loving husband. I have a strong family that every evening waits for me arms open. I am happy as I have got devoted friends, good job and irreplaceable colleagues, as I live in a free and peaceful Armenia which flourishes day by day and is to go on this way for I realize I can have my share in it. The chain of the reasons can go on and on….

And you? Have you already started wondering what is the reason you are lucky.

Lilia Amirkhanyan