The Power & Mystery of Mozart’s Music

The independent researches of world’s numerous scientists, doctors and psychologists testify to the greatest impact the music օf Austrian composer Amadeus Wolfgang Mozart has as compared with that of other composers or musicians. Thus a question comes out: what secret lies on the bases of that healing energy and holistic impact of Mozart’s music?

Standard IQ-tests given after Mozart’s music reveal increase in one’s intellect. As many European scientists have proved, it is Mozart’s music that is able to positively impact on everyone’s intelligence who is listening to it. This music also helps to treat serious illnesses like epilepsy.

In Swedish hospitals doctors advise the pregnant to listen to Mozart’s works for they believe it is the reason for the abrupt reduction of infant death rate in the country.

Many respectable experts assure that Mozart’s music helps to overcome psychological problems, improves speech and hearing.

Prominent French doctor Alfred Tomatis was a great fan of Mozart’s talent. Once a young and beginner actor named Gerard Depardieu came to him. Already during Gerard’s first examination doctor Tomatis found out that his patient has got serious problems connected with his right ear. After he advised young Depardieu to go home and listen to Mozart’s music two hours per day for the coming month, his hearing recovered for hundred percent. So wonderful were the results of the music therapy. Gerard Depardieu overcame his hearing problem as well as stammering and later on became a great actor, famous all over the world.

It is widely known that Mozart’s music has also saved a life to a seriously ill person. Duke Louis Fanrcois Richelieu was about to die at the age 78 and made his last wish to listen to his favourite concert by Mozart. The latter seemed to bring him to life and he leaved another 14 years and died only at the age of 92.

By Armine Harutyunyan