Expert in Communication and Networking (Full time Junior Expert – 660 working days)

Location: Kiev

Probable starting date: January 2013

Duration: 36 months

Sectors: Media and Communication

Deadline for application: 7th November

NGO «European Integration» is in the process of identifying 1 expert for the EC tender “Technical Assistance: Strengthening non-State actors’ Capacities to Promote Reform and increase Public Accountability”.

Qualifications and skills

  • University degree in communication, journalism, media or related fields (or equivalent work experience).
  • Fluency in Russian and English.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.

General professional experience

  • At least 3 years of experience as communication assistant/manager, organising events, coordinating publications and/or website or other online tools, dealing with the press, etc.
  • Proven networking and negotiation experience.

Specific professional experience

  • Involvement in at least three communication campaigns in the EaP countries, out of which at least one either targeting or promoting civil society.
  • Website content development (for multilingual language content) is an asset.
  • It is an asset: Liaison or experience with the media, designing of marketing campaigns, information collection and website management, newsletter preparation and editing of other communication materials, especially in Russian.

Note that civil servants and other staff of the public administration of the beneficiary country cannot be recruited as experts, unless prior written approval has been obtained from the European Commission.

To apply, please write to or call 010588911 before the deadline, 7th November to receive the form to be filled in for submission.

About the Project

“Strengthening non-State actors Capacities to Promote Reform and increase Public Accountability”

The overall objective of the Eastern Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility, of which this contract will be a part, is to strengthen and promote civil society’s role in reforms and democratic changes taking place in the Eastern Neighbourhood countries.

The specific objectives of the contract are as follows:

1. To carry out mapping studies, identifying and analysing civil society actors’ needs and capacities to get involved in policy dialogue in each partner country, as well as the way in which these actors can contribute to specific sector policy dialogues;

2. To implement capacity-building activities for civil society actors, so as to enhance their capacities and their role in promoting reform and increasing public accountability in ENP policy areas;

3. To ensure guidance, technical support and visibility of the projects selected thorough the Neighbourhood Civil Society Facility regional call for proposals;

4. To organise and coordinate the organisation of multi-stakeholder consultations at national and regional level involving civil society actors, national authorities and EU Delegations;

5. To ensure the visibility of the Facility itself, and more generally of EU efforts towards support to civil society actors in ENP countries, through publications on EU support to civil society actors, a website and information sessions.

The Communication expert will be responsible for coordination, multi-stakeholders consultations, communication and visibility as well as other activities related to communication, visibility and networking included in other components.

Please note that the project is in the submission stage. The results will be made known at the end of 2012.