“Kazakhstan: multicultural and unique”

During the previous trips to Kazakhstan in the framework of our previous projects,  our teams covered a wide spectrum of topics – political, governance, Armenian Community of Kazakhstan etc.

The project “Kazakhstan: Multicultural and Unique” implemented with assistance of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Armenia mainly focused on multicultural richness of Kazakhstan: the culture, traditions, kitchen etc. The richness and diversity of many nations living in the country is also reflected in the project.

Nowadays Kazakhstan offers a valuable experience of multicultural heritage – more than 130 nations residing on the territory of the country coexist in an atmosphere of peace. Besides, Kazakhstan was proclaimed the CIS Cultural Capital 2012.

The project consisted of three components:

  • Nine seminar-discussions in Armenia (in the capital and in the regions) around one common topic “Kazakhstan-Armenia. Crossing Points”;

The purpose of the seminars was to explain the role of Kazakhstan for Armenia. The target group of the project was youth, students of Political Science, International Relations and Journalism from Yerevan and regions, as well as different officials from diplomatic and political elite of RA, experts, politicians, journalists, NGO representatives.

Photos of Seminars

  • Media Component: the trip to Kazakhstan for shooting a film about Kazakhstan and collecting video material about Kazakhstan’s culture (traditions, art, cuisine) that was used in the broadcast of TV programs on Armenian TV channel;

In the framework of  this component the filming crew, composed of journalists from our media partner “Armedia” IAA, shot a film and a series of TV programs during their 7 days trip to Astana. The focus of the filmed material was the culture, art, traditions, culture of tolerance as well as everyday life of Kazakhstan.  The series of TV programs about Kazakhstan were regularly broadcast on Armenian TV Channel «Yerevan TV» as well as installed on the website of our media partner.

The target group of this component included TV viewers, website visitors.

Photos made in Astana

  • Publication of a book about Kazakhstan’s culture in Russian and Armenian.

The book «Kazakhstan: Multicultural and Unique» was intended to introduce Kazakhstan in a light and profound manner, aimed at a broad spectrum of readers.  The interviews collected during the trip to Kazakhstan are included in the book. The book also includes the best publications on Kazakh kitchen, traditions and culture.