Georgian Charity Community “Iveria” NGO: what objectives it follows?

Georgian Charity Community “Iveria” NGO in Armenia was registered in 1997 as a non-governmental organization.

It was founded and primarily chaired by Tina Asatiani, the first vice-president was Svetlana Namchevadze. The main objectives of “Iveria” were the strengthening of cultural, educational and scientific ties between Georgia and Armenia, the insight to the historical and cultural heritage of both states.

After the Coordination Council on National Minorities of Armenia under the advisor to the RA president was established there were defined other objectives and tasks of “Iveria”: the preservation of the mother tongue and national culture.

Tina Asatiani and Lily Yashvili were formerly included in the Coordination Council, and now Svetlana Namchevadze and Etery Tsomaya are included in the Council.

The following members of the Community are included in the Public Council under RA president: Svetlana Namchevadze, Nino Spanderashvili, Armine Khzmalyan, Etery Tsomaya, Naira Chovelidze, Lily Yashvili, Gayane Khostikyan, Ivan Giorgadze and Anna Barseghyan.

The Sunday school of the Community exists since 1997. It is coordinated by Naira Chovelidze. The Teaching staff consists of Nino Spanderashvili (Georgian language and folk dances), Liana Samadalashvili (Georgian language), marina Kushiyan and marina Sargsyan (singing), Etery Tsomaya (history) and Naira Chovelidze (geography). Since 2011 the Community has its ensamble “Tsitsinatela” directed by N.Chovelidze, who united the representatives of older generation.

Since 2004 the Community’s “Iveria” monthly magazine is published. The magazine covers all the events of the Community, prints news from Georgia, presents materials on the prominent public figures, also covers former and nowadays friendly ties between Armenia and Georgia.

Svetlana Namchevadze

Georgian Charity Community “Iveria” NGO chairman, Armenia



It is one of our organization’s to promote the promotion of the European values which also embrace the idea of everyone’s equal involvement and participation in all spheres of life in a given state. The issue of raising awareness within our society on the national minorities in Armenia, their problems, the organization representing their interests is rather important. On the other hand, we also aim at promoting the efficiency of the organizations which represent the interests of the national minorities in Armenia as well as support its European integration path through active cooperation with them. Therefore, we consider it our duty to utmostly reach the very objectives through our resources available. Read more…

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