Smile, people, smile!

I personally like April 1 very much, as I think that without tricks and laugh life is very boring! For me smile is the well of life. To me gloomy people, although they might live long, hardly deliberate on whether life without laughing is still a life… Go ahead and recall yourself who you remember most or would like to see beside you? Of course, positive, cheerful people, whose loud laughter simply amuses, and funny tricks make you remember for years the unique feelings that arise in a person every April 1.

I don’t know to what extend it has become a tradition in Armenia to celebrate Humour Day or April Fools’ Day. However, I am sure that a humour day, or no, days are simply necessary for the present-day Armenian reality. It is necessary for those “know-all” people, who deliberate on politics, all of a sudden to realize how funny the overall picture is in the context of a single lifetime. It is necessary for many Armenian women to stop being gloomy and realize that the life makes sense through joy, for the people to be able to smile and rejoice just for no particular reason like children do, for the Humour Day to be every day. And not because it provides with the “vitamin C”, but simply because life without laughing is boring and senseless… Indeed, “Smile, people, smile! A serious countenance is far no sign of intellect”…

Karine Ohanyan