Old woman’s goats, safety pin and the remaining 265 days

Hardly anyone is well aware that many years ago this time of the year the old woman, excited by the April sun, frustrated the weather with a prompt decision to take her goats to the mountain. All of a sudden the weather “changed the mood”, hid the sun behind the clouds, it started to rain, strong wind… and the goats were driven away.

Ever since the second week of April, unlike the previous one, almost always is rainy and a bit cold. And we like it or not to day is only the 10th of April and there still remain three says till the “old woman’s goats” are over.

If the exact time of the “old woman’s goats” are not known to us then it is another thing with the safety pin that has become a very necessary element in our daily life was created by an American engineer Walter Hunt. It was patented on April 10 in 1849.

Hunt has created the safety pin exactly the way we are familiar with it. Nevertheless it is known that safety pins were used yet back in 3000 BC by Sumers as well as in 13th century BC by the Old Romans.

It is not accidental that they say spring symbolizes the awakening of life, especially, April when when everything around blossoms and turns green. Together with the nature awakening many of us come up with a desire to work out new plans and set new goals before us. In this regard April 10 is very convenient if we also take into consideration that there are 265 more days left before. Didn’t you know that April 10 is the 100th day of the year (not counting the leap year)?

Therefore, let us forget about “the old woman’s goats”, tighten our thoughts and goals with the safety pin and welcome the remaining 265 days of the year with a smile.

Lilia Amirkhanyan