The volume of import of products from EU to Armenia will rise in case of creation of EU-Armenia Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade area which will promote the competition in favor of consumers, expert Ruben Sarukhanyan said today at a workshop dedicated to the issue.

Sarukhanyan is participating in studies of two Dutch companies to assist the negotiations over the creation of the free trade area.

“According to the preliminary research, there is one main positive impact – raise of economic growth tempo, increase of incomes, reduction of some prices,” he said, presenting the results of the survey.

“There is a hope that the economy will more activate and the competition will raise. Of course, in this case the import of EU products to Armenia will grow which will promote the competitiveness and the products will be of better quality and cheaper,” he stressed.

The Dutch ECORIS and CASE organizations are making studies to find out what impact the creation of free trade zone will have on EU and Armenia’s economies.

Ruben Sarukhanyan noted that the first phase of works has already been completed with the results being mostly positive. He said the studies will end in September-October of the running year.

Deputy ambassador of EU Delegation to Armenia Onno Simons was present at the workshop and highlighted the studies of the task group. He said by February, 2012 such progress was registered in the works between the EU and Armenia that it became possible to start official negotiation.

“My partners from Brussels continue the 5th phase of the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade and Association Agreement negotiations. Another phase will be necessary during which by November this year all the issues will finally be solved. In midst of the next the trade zone will start operating,” Onno Simons said.