NGO «European Integration» announces call for Senior and Junior Experts in the framework of the project “Strengthening non-State actors’ Capacities to Promote Reform and increase Public Accountability” implemented with assistance of European Commission and in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and civil society organisations from EaP countries.

This project aims at strengthening the overall capacities of civil society organizations and facilitating their involvement in the policy dialogue thus increasing their contribution to the political and institutional framework of the partner countries.

At this stage of the project the call for experts is announced for assistance to the first component of the project: the mapping of civil society organisations of Armenia.


More specifically, in terms of content the mapping studies should at least:

• Identify the key civil society actors in each country, in order to better understand how they are involved in governance processes;

• Assess the legislative framework relevant to the functioning of CSOs (including the Constitution and the legislative framework underpinning the policy-making processes in general) and the extent to which it is implemented;

• Assess the relevant institutional framework in which CSOs operate (inter alia, the cooperation and consultation mechanisms through which public authorities involve civil society actors in policy-making and implementation);

• Assess the role and position of civil society actors, as well as of their relationships with other actors (including the public sector, the private sector, international donors, etc),

• Executive summary for the mapping report,

• The participation and dialogue space CSOs are able to negotiate and maintain through their vertical and horizontal integration,

• Their aspirations, strengths and weaknesses (in order to eventually support them in their role as partners in the national and local development).

2. Requirements to the experience of the senior expert for this particular assignment

• University degree in social sciences, journalism, economy or law

• At least 10 years working experience in the Civil Society sector

• Excellent written command of English language

• Proven experience in drafting socio political analysis of the target country (at least one policy paper or study in English should be provided together with the CV)

3. Total of working days for the first report

Five working days are foreseen for report to write the analytical part of the mapping

4. Scope of the analysis

A total of 10 to 12 pages should be drafted. The analysis will at the same time be the report to this mission and has therefore to be approved first by the TL, then by the KAS and finally by the Commission.


The Junior expert will facilitate and moderate the focus groups.

The aim of the focus groups is to validate and test main results of field research survey studies. The focus groups will be moderated by a representative of the partner organisation (short term expert) and the institute will assist.

6. Requirements to the experience of the junior expert for this particular assignment

• University degree in social sciences, journalism, economy or law

• At least 5 years working experience in the Civil Society sector preferably also as trainer or facilitator

• Proven experience in facilitation of a set of group discussions on controversial subjects (track record in CV)

• Ability to constructively handle potentially tense situations

• Ability to moderate and obtain from personal point views during the discussion process

7. Total of working days for the first intervention (8) and the last intervention(max 5)

The role of the expert is to facilitate the focus group, supported by the project coordinator and the sociological institute. Key experts will be, were possible present during focus groups.

8. General information on focus group and requirements to the outcomes per focus group

As mentioned above the aim of the focus groups is to validate and test main results of field research survey studies. A set of 10 to 12 questions will have to be developed by the project in conjunction with sociological institute and partner based on the finding of the interviews This set of questions should ideally be discussed during the focus groups. The facilitator is also requested to give a brief introduction into the project as well as into the cornerstones of the Easter Neighbourhood policy and its impact on Civil Society.

A minutes of each group will have to be drafted (either by expert or project coordinator) according to a standard format provided by the project. The focus group should not last longer than 2 hours.

Interested candidates are invited to send their CVs to with “CV for Experts” headline

Deadline for submission of CVs: 10th June 2013