New CSF Steering Committee elected

The new Steering Committee, consisting of 6 national coordinators, 9 working group coordinators and 3 EU coordinators has been elected last week at the Fifth annual Forum of the EaP Civil Society in Chisinau.

According to the Forum’s Statute, during the annual Forum meeting the participants of the National Platform elect their Country Facilitator for the period of one year. The coordinator’s role is to organise the activities of the National Platform, which unites a large number of CSOs, in the framework of the Forum and represent it in the Steering Committee.

Besides, the Forum has five Working Groups, of which four mirror the topics of the thematic multilateral platforms of the Eastern Partnership, namely: Democracy, human rights, good governance and stability; Economic integration and convergence with EU policies; Environment, climate change and energy security; Contacts between people.

Working Groups of the Civil Society Forum bring together representatives of CSOs of 6 EaP countries and the EU. Working Groups meet once per year in addition to participation in the annual Forum event and work in parallel to the Eastern Partnership intergovernmental platforms and panels and contribute to the work of the Forum by providing civil society perspective.

The fifth Working Group of the Forum has no parallel thematic platform and focuses on social policies and social dialogue.

Representatives of the Forum attend the meetings of EaP Platforms, ministerial meetings and EaP summits, where they deliver written opinions developed by the Forum’s experts.

The Forum brings together civil society organizations which monitor the situation, advocates for reforms and provide policy inputs at the national level with the ultimate goal of bringing the EaP countries closer to the EU.

Source: EaP Newsletter