“The Armenian jazz pianist combined folk with electronic music to create high-energy hits with hard-hitting grooves”, The Guardian reports on Tigran Hamasyan’s Tuesday performance at London Jazz Festival.

“Not since the days of the anthemic finales and light-show theatricals of the Esbjörn Svensson Trio has a stage in the London jazz festival vibrated with so much pop-jazz energy as was unleashed on Tuesday by the 26-year-old Armenian Tigran Hamasyan. Like the late-lamented Svensson, Hamasyan is a jazz pianist who composes like a songwriter and is influenced by his homeland’s folk music. He’s also a pop and dance fan who loves seeing audiences jumping in the air rather than tapping jazz-savvy feet. [….]But if some jazz fans who had been drawn byHerbie Hancock’s or Brad Mehldau’s embrace of Hamasyan eventually found themselves thinking “please make it stop”, plenty others were audibly happy for the show to go on all night”, notes The Guardian.