Project “Kazakhstan: secrets of success”

The first country among the CIS states to preside over the OSCE was Kazakhstan. The OSCE 2010 summit held in Astana revealed the very country as one of the most advanced post-soviet countries that refers to almost all the spheres of life. During the summit Kazakhstan presented herself as a unique bridge that connects European and Asian civilizations. We think that the common socio-political and historic background as well as the current ties with Kazakhstan are important for Armenia in terms of discovering the secrets of the success this country and her society have achieved and, why not, in terms of learning from their experience. To contribute to the very process our organization implemented the project “Kazakhstan: Secrets of Success” with the support of the Kazakhstan embassy in Armenia.

Project Description

Project “Kazakhstan: Secrets of Success” aimed at discovering and presenting to our society the secrets of success that Kazakhstan has achieved in almost all the spheres of life (economy, foreign policy, science, education, culture, sports and so on). The project consisted of three components, in the framework of which we cooperated with “Armedia” Information, Analytical Agency.

The project consisted of:

 1. Seminar-discussions

In the framework of this component there were six seminar-discussions on the theme “Kazakhstan: Secrets of Success” held in Yerevan and regions of Armenia.

Through the seminars we presented to our society Kazakhstan’s economic, cultural, scientific, educational, sports and geopolitical potential as well as contributed to the establishment or the deepening of bilateral cooperation in the mentioned spheres.

The seminar-discussions were attended by young people from Yerevan and regions, students from political science, international relations, economy and other departments, also representatives from Armenian diplomatic and political elite and NGO sector, experts, economists, journalists and other specialists.

Seminars Photos

2. Journalists’ visit to Kazakhstan

In the framework of this component a group of journalists from our media partner “Armedia” IAA visited Astana and prepared video materials and took interviews on the success in scientific, educational, cultural, sports and other spheres in Kazakhstan. As a result thematic TV programs were designed, which were were broadcast on ArmNews TV channel through the TV project “View at the world”.

Astana Photos

 3. Preparation and publishing of a book “Kazakhstan: Secrets of Success”

In this part of the project a bilingual (Armenian and Russian) book “Kazakhstan: Secrets of Success” was published.

 Once published the book was distributed to various Armenian libraries, government institutions and diplomatic representations as well as civil society organizations free of charge.