Robert Sahakyants Production, which provides higher quality of Armenian animated films, will soon be releasing the full-length animated film “Anahit”.

The 90-minute film based on Armenian writer Ghazaros Aghayan’s homonymous fairy tale will go on the big screen after finishing touches in November 2014. In an interview with “ArmenPress”, one of the film’s creators David Sahakyants mentioned that there are only 10-12-minute shootings remaining and that three of the five songs have already been recorded.

The creators of the film hope the film that they started producing in 2010 will become something new in Armenian animation. The animated film will be a new full-length film based on a fairy tale. The creators have preserved all the features for a foreign and Armenian animated film and have applied the latest approaches. “We hope people love the film more than criticize it. We also hope to receive more positive feedback than negative feedback,” the animator said.

According to Sahakyants, the creators haven’t spared any efforts to make sure that the film interests children, keeping the “magic” of the fairy tale and showing it on the big screen. An animated film undergoes changes, and additions are made in terms of technology and content. “Changes are inevitable. We try to fix any flaw, even if it isn’t noticeable,” Sahakyants underlined.

The film “Anahit” falls in line with Disney’s standards and will be presented at international festivals in late 2014 or early 2015. The animated film will also stand out with its soundtrack featuring five new songs, four of which are written by Armen Martirosyan and one of which is written by Vardan Zadoyan.

The characters will be voiced by Rafael Kotanjyan, Hrant Tokhatyan, Shushan Petrosyan, Nazeni Hovhannisyan, Vardan Zadoyan and Khoren Levonyan, and the songs will be performed by Shushan Petrosyan, Gor Sujyan, Tigran Petrosyan, Nick Yegibyan, Hasmik Karapetyan and “Akunk” Folk Ensemble.

“Anahit” is the third full-length animated film in the history of Armenian animated films after Robert Sahakyants’s “Tavern” and Arman Manaryan’s “Sasuntsi David”. The film is created with great support from Sharm Holding, Luys Foundation and Armenian Public Television. Hayastan All-Armenian Fund helped record two songs in the first phase of production.

The animated film is being produced by the order of the RA Ministry of Culture.

By Tatevik Grigoryan