The president of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, has convened an emergency meeting of EU leaders on Thursday (6 March) to discuss the situation in Ukraine amid growing calls for the European Union to impose sanctions on Russia following its seizure of the Crimean peninsula in Ukraine, EuroActive.Com reports.

France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned Russia on Monday that if tensions did not ease in Ukraine’s Crimea region, the European Union would consider “targeted measures” in response.

“If there is not in the coming hours a very quick de-escalation, then we will decide concrete measures such as the suspension of all talks on visas, suspension of economic agreements and concretely that means that ties will be cut on lot of subjects,” Laurent Fabius told BFM TV.

“There could be targeted measures and that can also affect people, officials and their assets,” he said, adding that EU leaders could hold a crisis meeting on the stand-off on Thursday.

“The general tone is that the Russians appear to have decided to go even further. Europe must be firm.”

Fabius was speaking on the sidelines of an emergency meeting of EU foreign ministers convened in Brussels after Russian President Vladimir Putin seized the Crimean peninsula and said he had the right to invade Ukraine.


Source: EurActive.Com