You may have heard something along these lines a thousand times before: Video-chatting technology is on the cutting edge of communications, the future of conferencing, the biggest thing since the last big thing. It’s true that businesses are taking to videoconferencing in huge numbers, but you may not know that the first video call actually took place 50 years ago, on April 20, 1964.

 As part of the World’s Fair in Queens, N.Y., people entered a booth – outfitted with a combination video screen and camera called Picturephone – and chatted in real time with someone in Disneyland. Sure, the picture was in black-and-white at 30 frames a second, according to Engadget, but this was obviously still groundbreaking technology for its time. After that, however, AT&T tried to take Picturephone to the market, and it bombed miserably.

 Why didn’t anyone go for video calling in 1964? The problem was two-fold: Picturephone cost $16 – about $122 in today’s money – for just three minutes’ worth of conversation, and came in the form of a big, bulky, oval device.

 These days, of course, we’ve managed to solve those problems. Videoconferencing technology is more cost-effective than ever, and doesn’t have to take up any more space than a tablet. To outfit your business with the best in videoconferencing and other telecom solutions, give broadlinkone a call today.