Consultation on EU Roadmap for Engagement with Armenian civil society

On May 16 with the initiative of the EU Delegation to Armenia a consultation on EU Roadmap for Engagement with Armenian civil society took place in Yerevan. The objective of the event was to facilitate the input of Civil Society Organizations in the process of elaboration of EU Roadmap for engagement with civil society. The event was organized with the assistance of the EU-funded project “Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress” in partnership with EaP CSF Armenian National platform.

The event was attended by 60 NGO representatives from Yerevan and the regions of Armenia. The workshop was open by the introductory remarks of Hoa-Binh Adjemian, Head of Cooperation of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Stephan Malerius, Team Leader of the project “Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress”, Haikuhi Katrjyan, Executive Secretary of the NGO “European Integration” and Boris Navasardyan, moderator, President of Yerevan Press Club.

The first part of the 7-hour consultation was devoted to the discussions on the current state of the Armenian CS landscape, its regulatory framework, cooperation with the government and the EU’s contribution in the very matter. Then the participants were divided into the 5 thematic working groups: a/ Democracy, Human Rights, Good Governance; b/ Economic Integration and Convergence with EU legislation; c/ Environment, Climate Change and Energy Security; d/ Contacts between People; e/ Social Dialogue and social policy. After the thematic discussions each group came up with a report presenting consolidated suggestions for the EU roadmap priorities. These suggestions as a single document will be presented to the EU Delegation in Armenia.

EU roadmaps for engagement with CSOs

The EU and the Member States should develop country roadmaps for engagement with CSOs, to improve the impact, predictability and visibility of EU actions, ensuring consistency and synergy throughout the various sectors covered by EU external relations. These roadmaps are also meant to trigger coordination and sharing of best practices with the Member States and other international actors, including for simplification and harmonisation of funding requirements.

Roadmaps should be based on a sound understanding of the CSOs arena and the wider socioeconomic context in which they operate. This is a prerequisite for a more strategic engagement of the EU at country level, particularly if relevant stakeholders have to be identified in order to establish or facilitate effective and meaningful dialogue schemes. The roadmaps should identify long term objectives of EU cooperation with CSOs and encompass dialogue as well as operational support, identifying appropriate working modalities. This exercise should be linked to the programming of EU external assistance, namely bilateral, regional and thematic cooperation. The human rights country strategies currently being developed by the EU will be an important reference. The roadmaps should be developed taking into account the views of civil society, be regularly updated and where appropriate, made publicly available and shared with national authorities.

Also to mention, the EU-funded project “Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress” is implemented with Consortium composed of NGOs from the EaP member states and is led by Konrad Adenauer Foundation (Germany). The implementing partner of the project in Armenia is NGO “European Integration”

NGO “European Integration”