Below we would like to draw your attention to the upcoming events in Europe that directly concern or present a particular interest for Armenia. Special attention is paid to international organizations and the scheduled meetings and events in the framework of their activities.

 On 8-9 September Austria’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Integration Sebastian Kurz visits Armenia.

On 8-9 September informal Eastern Partnership Dialogue will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan. The event will consist of two parts: a general discussion of the foreign ministers and a thematic meeting with energy ministers. The agenda of the informal meeting includes the current issues and prospects of further development of the Eastern Partnership, including the preparations for the fourth Eastern Partnership summit due in May 2015 in Riga.

11th Yalta annual meeting will take place on 11-13 September. These meetings bring together over 200 politicians, diplomats, statesmen, journalists, analysts and business leaders from more than 20 countries. The dialogue on global challenges broadens the vision on the situation inside Ukraine and the prospects for the country’s development in the modern world. EU Commissioner Štefan FÜLE and President of the European Commission José Manuel Durão BARROSO will also participate at the meeting.

Presidents of parliament from the Council of Europe member states, as well as from many neighbouring and observer countries, will meet in Oslo 11-12 September for the European Conference of Presidents of Parliament (ECPP). The conference takes place every two years, and will be held this year at the Storting, to mark the bicentennial of the Norwegian Constitution.

Three major topical issues are on the agenda:

1. Fundamental constitutional rights and freedoms – participation, trust and public debate as conditions for democracy.

2. Democracy, sovereignty and security in Europe.

3. Majority and opposition – striking a balance in democracy.

Anna Karapetyan