The Spanish Congress has backed a non-binding motion to recognise Palestine

The Spanish Congress has backed a non-binding motion to recognise Palestine, as France prepares for a similar move next week, reports

 The non-binding resolution passed by 319 votes against two, with one abstention on Tuesday.

 It “urges the government to recognise Palestine as a state … reaffirming the conviction that the only solution to the conflict is the coexistence of two states, Israel and Palestine”.

 It adds “the recognition … must result from a process of negotiation between the parties to guarantee peace and security for both”.

 It also calls on the government to “promote co-ordination within the EU” on wider Palestine recognition.

  The original draft had said recognition of Palestine would help create a negotiated settlement, instead of saying recognition “must result from a process of negotiation”.

 An Israeli foreign ministry spokesman, Emmanuel Nahshon, said before the vote: “We call on Spain not to make unilateral moves, particularly on a shocking day like today”.

 Tuesday’s motion is unlikely to prompt immediate action by Madrid.

 But Spain’s foreign minister, Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo, told press in Brussels on Monday: “We have the feeling that time is running out … either we do something fairly quickly or the two-state solution will be physically impossible”.

 He was referring to Israeli settlement plans that will cut off Jerusalem from the West Bank and cut the West Bank in two.

 French MPs are to vote on a similar motion next week.