Exclusive Interview with Genealogy Band: This is a Call to be Honest

In the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest the band Genealogy composed of singers from the Republic of Armenia and 5 continents of the world will present Armenia. They will sing the song “Face the Shadow,” which symbolizes a call of the Armenians spread all over the world as a result of 1915 Genocide to be honest and face the truth.

Our partner “Armedia” Information, Analytical Agency presents an exclusive interview with the members of the Genealogy band and the head of the Armenian Eurovision delegation Gohar Gasparyan.

“The Public Television of Armenia this year decided to have a new format for the Eurovision song contest. Building bridges the Genealogy band brought together our compatriots from five continents (Europe, America, Africa, Australia, Asia) and from Armenia – 6 artists, 6 destiny, 1 story. This year we fulfilled our primordial dream, as we have always wanted to bring the Armenian Diaspora, Armenian youth, living outside Armenia, together. This year was the best for that,” – Gohar Gasparyan said.  

The participants shared their feelings with “Armedia” IAA, when they received an invitation to participate in the project Genealogy.

Inga Arshakyan (Armenia): “It is a great happiness for me to be a member of the band Genealogy and it is also anther opportunity to again stand on the Eurovision stage. Of course, I accepted this offer with great enthusiasm and excitement. The format is new and I think it will succeed.”

Stephanie Topalian  (Japan, Asia): “I would never think that one day I will be in Armenia for such an occasion. Everything that happens to me is just incredible. I am so grateful for choosing me. This is unbelievable.” 

Essaï Altounian (Frace, Europe): “Geneaology is our root. One should know where he/she comes from, to know where he/she goes. When I received the proposal I accepted it with great pleasure and enthusiasm, not only for gaining Eurovision interesting experience, but for becoming part of the project that has such an interesting genealogical idea. This is an extremely great mission. On the stage all of us will be just Armenians, who will represent millions of people.”

Tamar Kaprelian (USA, America): ”The underlying idea of Genealogy is very brilliant. The project enables to gather Armenians all over the world on one platform. I am happy that I am involved in all this: this kind of opportunity is given once in a life.”

Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian (Australia, Australia): ”Before getting familiar with the content of the letter sent to me, I thought there should be an invitation to a concert. But this proposal was too unpredictable and wonderful at the same time, and now it’s a reality.”

Vahe Tilbian (Ethiopia, Africa): “When I received a letter from the Public Television of Armenia and learnt that one of the members of the band is me, I had quite different feelings and emotions – pride, joy and excitement. I felt that I can become a part of Armenia and present a whole nation in the Contest.”


The members of the band have also told “Armedia” IAA about their perception of the “Face the Shadow” song and the message it has for the world.

Vahe Tilbian: ”For me our song has a powerful idea, which is beyond any description. It is about how to build any kind of relationship – relations with friends, family or someone beloved. The song is a call first of all to us and of course, those people who surround us, not to deny those feelings that they have, those emotions that we want to show and of course, those words we want to say. Only in this case you can feel free and will have a better, a wiser life – be mentally calmer.”

Mary-Jean O’Doherty Vasmatzian: “The song is a strong call for love and forgiveness, which are universal human values for all of us. Inna was able to very harmoniously combine the lyrics of the song with the sounds of the music. Armen, in his turn, has in an excellent way showed and presented the vocal abilities and the individual style of each of us. People will remember Eurovision 2015, as for the first time this year the song “Face the Shadow” will be played.”

Tamar Kaprelian: The song is about love, which tells the story how to fully devote yourself to the relationships letting yourself always be with them. The idea of creating this group is presenting 5 different continents. I myself present America, North America and all of us together present the Armenian Diaspora. Together we sing about love and peace.

Essaï Altounian: “The song is really very positive, as well as strong. It includes 6 continents in it and is based on one idea – unite them in one. The song is like an elevator, which stretches to the sky and reaching there you have an impression that you are standing there breathless and with heartbeat. I like that feeling. “

Stephanie Topalian: ”Hearing the song one has an impression that it does not last 3 minutes, but a whole eternity: it is like a life story. In several minutes the song manages to convey the most important things for us. It sounds very sweet – full of love, sadness and anger, courage and power. It is like our heart. It is so close to our souls.”




Source: armedia.am