A New Iron Curtain in Europe?

The issue of the illegal migrants coming to Europe has sharpened recently, as the numbers of these people crossing the borders has increased drastically. The European Union tries to take corresponding measures proposing this or that plan to its member states, but no concrete step has been taken so far to avoid the illegal migration and its negative outcomes. The EU states complain that they cannot afford to wait any longer for Brussels to come up with a solution to the migration crisis.

One of the central European states, for instance, Hungary, suggested an anti-immigration plan the other day which shocked and surprised many experts and politicians and became a hot topic for critics.

The matter is that the Hungarian government has instructed the Interior Ministry to physically close the border with Serbia erecting a fence of four metres, which might employ even barbed wire.

As Hungarian Minister of External Economy and Foreign Affairs Peter Szijjarto mentioned during his press-conference, only this year about 57,000 people entered the country illegally more than the previous year -  43,000. 95 percent of those people come from Serbia. This is announced as a reason why they have to build a fence on their southern border.

According to BBC, the response of the Serbian part did not come late. The Prime-Minister of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic told that building walls was not the solution, and Serbia couldn’t be responsible for the situation created by the migrants.

“We are just a transit country. Is Serbia responsible for the crisis in Syria?!” Vucic asked quite shocked and surprised, adding that Serbia will not isolate itself in its turn and will not build walls with Macedonia and Bulgaria, for example, – the British newspaper reports.

However, the fence plan drew immediate condemnation at home and abroad, evoking memories of the days of the Iron Curtain, The Telegraph reports. Hungary, which was the first Communist country to dismantle the Iron Curtain, is now building a new curtain on its southern border.

But the Hungarian government didn’t stop with the fence-building only, it is also running a state-funded billboard campaign, aimed at illegal migrants, which features such slogans as ”If you come to Hungary, do not take the jobs of Hungarians.”

This campaign has also been criticized by international organizations, namely the UN, which called it an attempt ”to whip up xenophobia”.

Anyway, let’s hope that this ”xenophobia” will not reach other European countries, and Brussels will be just on time with its concrete steps towards the immigration problem solutions.

Source: armedia.am