EU migration meeting turns into fracas

EU leaders openly quarrelled yesterday (25 June) during the first day of the EU summit over the distribution of migrants from Italy and Greece, and were unable to adopt summit conclusions over a wording controversy.

Visibly tired, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker didn’t hide his frustration after late night summit talks. His attempt to impose mandatory quotas on member states to alleviate the migrant burden fromItalyandGreecewas again rejected after a first failed attempt in January.

Speaking to the press at 3AM, Juncker said that it was “not normal” to work under such conditions. He recalled that the previous day he had also addressed the press at 3 in the morning, and had returned to his office at 6.

“This is not a normal way of working, neither for us, nor for you,” he said, addressing the press. “Therefore I protest against those methods. I’m still awake, but when a person is tired, it cannot take the right decisions and I dislike this way of working,” Juncker said.