Armenia Celebrates 24th Anniversary of Its Independence

24 years ago, on September 21 a referendum took place in Armenia, as a result of which 99 percent of those, who participates voted for the dream of all Armenians – to have free, independent and a sovereign country. It is already 24 years that we live in the Republic of Armenia as free and independent citizens, it is just 24 years, during which we have passed through many difficulties, but have become stronger and have developed more.

On September 21 all Armenians celebrate this nice and symbolic holiday – in different parts of the world various events are being held and our tricolor is being raised.

In the Republic of Armenia this holiday is celebrated with special brilliance – different events are being organized, but the main event takes place in the Republic Square. This year is also not an exception.

Congratulations Armenia!!! Congratulations to all of us!!!