Trump’s First Speech at the UN: the Main Emphasizes

 Photo by AP Images

For the first time, the US President Donald Trump had an opportunity to present the American view to the world at the UN General Assembly. In his speech, the US leader touched upon the US policy “America First”, underlining that Washington is not going to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, he talked about the increase of the US military force, North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela, Islamic extremism, fight against terrorism and migration crisis.

Taking into consideration the recent nuclear activity of Pyongyang, North Korea was one of the key topics in Trump’s speech. In particular, the US President promised to completely destroy the country in case of threat from North Korea, underlining that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un or as he likes to call him, the Rocket-man takes him and his people to suicide.

Referring to Iran, Trump said again that the nuclear deal is shameful. Trump thinks that the agreement provides Iran a cover for the eventual construction of a nuclear program

Trump also criticized the authorities of Venezuela and Cuba, noting that he is not going to cancel the sanctions imposed on Cuba until human rights are violated in that country.

Confirming the commitment of the United States the fight against terrorism, Trump pointed out that perhaps the greatest success in the fight against ISIS was recorded during his presidency. The issue of refugees was also touched upon. In his address in the UN Trump emphasized that he was not going to accept the migrants, instead he was willing to provide financial support to the host countries and to improve the situation in the homeland of refugees.

It should be noted that in his speech, Tramp not directly referred to Russia. He noted that threats to sovereignty, from the Ukraine to the South China Sea must be rejected and thanked Russia for protecting the UN Security Council resolution against North Korea.

The US President’s speech responses were quite predictable. The target countries, particularly Iran, Cuba and Venezuela, rather strongly responded to the speech of the US President. As for others, it should be noted that Trump did not say anything new in his speech at the General Assembly.