Armenia Will Deprive Turkey of Conducting Imitation Policy

The fate of the Armenian-Turkish Protocols seems to become clearer. For the first time at the presidential level and on international platform it was officially declared that in the absence of any positive progress towards the implementation of the Protocols, Armenia will announce them null and void.

Though this is the first time that such an announcement is made, in fact it was not a surprise for anyone, as during the whole process of Armenian-Turkish relations the destructive policy of Turkey and the language of preconditions with which Turkey was talking with Armenia, did not leave any hope for the implementation of the Protocols. Another question is that Armenia, remaining faithful to its policy and hoping to see the democratic and responsible authorities in Turkey, did not take decisive steps in relation to the Protocols. However, as the President of the Republic of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan mentioned from the UN General Assembly platform, the Turkish leadership should not think that it is possible to hold those Protocols hostage forever and ratify only at the most opportune occasion from their very point of view. According to the president, Armenia will enter the spring of 2018 without futile Protocols.

As for the Armenian Genocide, Serzh Sargsyan mentioned that for the normalization of the bilateral relations with Turkey, Armenia has never made the recognition of the Armenian Genocide a precondition. This, of course, does not mean that Armenia and Armenians will not work with greater efforts and consistency towards the recognition, condemnation and compensation of the Genocide. Moreover, as a nation that passed through the Genocide, Armenia has always stood up against any kind of crime against humanity, including coming up with initiatives. It is not by chance that the RA President declared in the UN that to mark the 70th anniversary of the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide, Armenia will bring up a new initiative upon that occasion.

Concluding, it should be mentioned that most probably we will enter the spring of 2018 without Armenian-Turkish Protocols, the aim of which was the normalization of Armenian-Turkish relations and not giving the Turkish authorities an opportunity to conduct imitation policy and to reap dividends from the process.

Greta Avetisyan