Armenian Delegates Talked About Issues of Refugees and Cyber Security at the OSCE PA Meeting: Hermine Naghdalyan (EXCLUSIVE)

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OSCE PA autumn meeting entitled Security in the OSCE Area: New Challenges, New Tasks kicksed off in Andorra today. Armedia IAA talked with the head of the Armenian delegation to the OSCE PA, the RA National Assembly Deputy Hermine Naghdalyan on the results of the first day of the meeting.  

 Today in the framework of the OSCE PA autumn meeting Mediterranean Forum took place. Which were the main topics of discussion and in this global agenda what has Armenia to say?

- The OSCE PA autumn meeting in Andorra differs in its form, as during this session no documents will be adopted, but discussions, hearings and speeches will be made on different topics. Topics that the OSCE considered to be most relevant and important will be discussed during this meeting. On the first day of the meeting the Mediterranean Forum will be held, during which a number of important topics for the OSCE area were discussed, among them the migrant crisis, fight against terrorism, issues related to the security of the national and religious minorities. In the morning, I as the head of the delegation and and a member of the delegation Karen Bekaryan made speeches.

Touching upon the question so important for Europe today – the migrant crisis, we emphasized that Armenia is the third country in Europe with the ratio of population to receive Syrian refugees. We mentioned that we tried to do our best in the organizational and financial terms so that those, who left their homes and found refuge in our country, could integrate. One of our main points was that starting from the process of naturalization of this people and many other things are being done in a facilitated way. We also mentioned that thousands of young people coming to Syria from Armenia are currently receiving education in Armenia, enjoying a range of healthcare services, and our government is taking special measures to integrate them and create normal living conditions for them.

This is not the first time that we have a large wave of refugees. Denying Artsakh people’s right to self-determination, Azerbaijan started a war against Artsakh as a result of which many refugees came to Armenia from Azerbaijan. During today’s meeting we also touched upon this question, noting that unlike our wealthy neighbor, which for decades keeps poor people in refugee camps and uses them for propaganda, there are no refugee camps in Armenia today. We have acted in the opposite way – with our limited resources trying to organize the lives of those people and integrate them.

 - During the first day of the session, the issue of cyber security was also discussed. In this context what were the main emphases of the Armenian side?

- Yes, it was the second topic of today’s discussion, during which our MPs were also very active. Tigran Ulikhanyan made a speech on the issue and in a very comprehensive way presented the situation that exists today – the legal framework and what legal acts need to be adopted. Our delegate also mentioned that it is necessary to take steps to strengthen cyber security in the information field.

 - In general, how would you assess the results of the first day of the meeting?

- Our partners’ speeches are welcomed here, as they are quite deep and comprehensive. The work will continue tomorrow. We have discussions on enviromental security, to which our MPs will also refer.

As you know, the Armenian delegation to the OSCE PA has recently been formed. This is just the second session that we are participating with this new team. Quite serious work is also being done also in new making acquaintances, establishing new contacts with colleagues, as well as in reinforcing the old ones.

Today, I met with the OSCE PA President Christine Muttonen, during which we discussed his forthcoming visit to Armenia.