The Armenian Delegation Called on Turkey for a Dialogue on the Issue of the Construction of Reservoirs on Araks: Hermine Naghdalyan

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OSCE PA autumn meeting entitled Security in the OSCE Area: New Challenges, New Tasks continues its work in Andorra. To sum up the results of the second day of the meeting, Armedia IAA talked with the head of the Armenian delegation to the OSCE PA, the RA National Assembly Deputy Hermine Naghdalyan.


Mrs. Naghdalyan, today, on the second day of the OSCE PA autumn meeting, issues of environmental security were discussed. What were the main emphases of the Armenian delegation?

 - During today’s discussion the delegates of all countries were quite constructive and  their speeches were very comprehensive. One could feel that the representatives of the European political mind gathered here to voice their concerns and find ways to prevent ecological disasters on our planet.

Our delegates also spoke very actively about the topic. I and Tigran Urikhanyan made speeches. We presented our approaches on the environmental policy, ecological component, stressing that this issue is a priority for Armenia. We also mentioned that we have a rather serious network of Aarhus Center. We  stated that Armenia has done quite great work on environmental security, including that with the assistance and participation of the OSCE Office in Yerevan, and though this office is closed now, jointly with the OSCE we will find ways to implement projects in that direction.

We especially highlighted the fact that environmental disasters recognize neither borders, nor conflict areas, which make states and other units be more cooperative in order to eradicate environmental disasters and their consequences. In this regard, we consider the OSCE a very good platform that can play a significant role, including in conflict areas. Instead of mutual and groundless accusations, we called to concentrate efforts and implement joint environmental projects, which would make the formation of mutual confidence more complete, as well as would promote cross-border contacts between people.

In his speech, Mr. Urikhanyan touched upon the issues of water resources, the importance of cross-border cooperation on environmental issues, as well as the necessity of neutralizing the existing concerns in this field with joint activities and projects.

It is noteworthy that Mr. Urikhanyan also talked about the construction of reservoirs on the Araks river by Turkey, expressing our concern about unilateral activity. The Armenian side called on Turkey to enter into a dialogue with Armenia on this issue in the OSCE format.

What can you say about the activities of the Azerbaijani delegation?

 - On the background of such in-depth discussions and working atmosphere the delegation of Azerbaijan, seems, was obliged to be constructive and also came up with certain proposals, which referred to international organizations, as well as to regional cooperation.

I should also note that Mr. Ralf Ernst, Deputy Co-ordinator of the OSCE Economic and Environmental Activities, summing up today’s work and discussions, emphasized those proposals that were made by the Armenian delegation. He stressed that the OSCE should continue to be a platform for environmental, economic and other joint activities.

He considered the main focus of the OSCE activities to be the work and the implementation of projects in conflict areas, especially taking into consideration the fact that people living in these areas are deprived of a lot of resources, deprived of the opportunity not only to use this or that resource, but also to raise their voices and concerns on international platforms.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in presenting certain issues of ecological security, our delegation, in a diplomatic and delicate way, was able to voice all the important messages that we attach importance to, at the same time being very constructive. I think that with such a policy, with this tactic we will continue the further work of our delegation.