US Can Have Its Contribution to Ensuring the Security of Artsakh


On the second half of January, the resolution N 697 was introduced to the House of Representatives of the US Congress, which expressed its support to communication between Artsakh Republic and the United States at all levels (both state and non-state). Currently the resolution is presented to the consideration of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and should get the approval of the committee to be put for a vote in the US Congress.

In the introduced resolution the call of the US congressmen to ensure the participation of the democratically elected representatives of the Artsakh government in the OSCE and other discussions, referring to the future of Artsakh, deserves special attention. Besides, the resolution specially underlies the existence of democratic institution and the political system which ensures pluralism.

Irrespective of the fact, what developments the resolution will have, the fact that the topic has been voiced, is already positive and is a result of deliberative work. The emphasis on the Artsakh Republic and the level of democratic there are of special importance.

The resolution introduced in the US Congress is another expression of the recent tendencies, when the reference to Artsakh is not only limited to the conflict. Such an approach gives an opportunity to voice about democratic developments in Artsakh thus raising the world’s awareness on it.   On the other hand such an approach gives an opportunity to refer to the problems, the people in Artsakh face today because of non-recognition. Among those problems, is, for example, the one expressed in the resolution – Artsakh people are deprived of the opportunity to participate in the discussions referring to their future on various international platforms.

To make the result of such initiatives more productive they need to become continuous. For example, the work should be done for the US Congress resolution 907 that entered into force in 1992 and was canceled in 2001, to re-enter into force. To remind the resolution forbade giving military or other assistance to Azerbaijan, once it did not stop a blockade and aggressive actions against Armenia and Artsakh. This, of course, will become an important step to ensuring safety and regions peace  by the US, as a Minsk Group Co-Chair. 

Liana Hovhannisyan