EU OPEN Media Hub: Receive Funding for Your Stories about Armenia

TV and online journalists from the Eastern Neighbourhood are invited to propose stories on the recent and ongoing events taking place in Armenia.

Stories should be non-time sensitive, provide in-depth explanations and highlight unreported aspects of ongoing and recent events in the country. They should be of two types up to 12 or up to 26 minutes long (for broadcast media) and in the formats of long reads, ‘webdocs’ or or portfolios (for online media). More information on the competition and the eligibility criteria can be found here.

The call was launched by the EU-funded ‘OPEN Media Hub’ project as part of its production support scheme, which aims to enable TV and online journalists in the European Neighbourhood area to create content (audiovisual stories, news, features, online portfolios) related to the European Union and their respective countries’ relations with the EU.

The successful applicants will receive the financial means and practical guidance to produce and disseminate such coverage to appropriate quality standards. The amount of support will always take the topic, media outlet and country into account and be proportionate to the typical prices and rates in the country. The disbursement will be up to €8,000 per application, depending on the format.