The European Commission approved France and Italy’s proposal for Schengen Treaty reform. It is supposed that EU member-states will be given authority to implement passport control on the internal borders of the EU countries that also border with non-Schengen zone countries and couldn’t resist the flow of thifrd-country immigrants. This is not the end of Schengen but an attempt to reform the legislation for providing an opportunity of responding to force-majeure situations within the framework of EU norms.

“These changes will only enable the EU member-states to check the identity documents of the people who enter a Schengen country. It is not about limiting one’s freedom of movement. For instance this reform will not reflect on our citizens already in the EU territory”, noted the head of the European Movement in Armenia V. Yengibaryan.

A special session of EU member-state ministers of internal affairs and justice will take place in Brussels. The final decision on the resume of the border control is expected on May 12.