When the Whole Nation Celebrates Victory

These days the Armenian people are obsessed by a two-in-one “fever” called “football and victory”. Regardless of age and gender everyone is all the time discussing and admiring the Armenian national football team’s victory over the Macedonian one. They also are involved in hot debates on the following match with Ireland team, trying to predict the possible subsequent victory and already envisioning “Armenia” in London for ‘Euro 2012’.

One can see  how little is required for the revitalization of the nation’s spirit, for realizing its strength and for uniting! – Simply a VICTORY! It just required seeing with your own eyes the exultant young people along Yerevan streets, the glitter in their eyes and hearing cheerfully deafening cries all around. “Armenia!” could be heard from everywhere in the capital, the Armenians were filled with pride; they were proud and united, joyful and crazy. And it is  difficult to try to stop the person who has seen the victory; you can’t prevent him/her from advancing once he/she has tasted the victory. And we are looking forward  to victories only from now on!

My dear Armenian people, happy you are to have such a proud and patriotic youth. I want to see you forever this way; I want to see people gathered in the Republic Square for celebrating victories – together and happily. May the victories prevail in our life!

Anna Karapetyan