Technological advancement as the new horizons and new control mechanisms

The competition of the technology vs. mankind, though the latter is the very architect of the progress, is ever-lasting and never-ending process, however it never has been so amazing and at the same time so terrifying taking into consideration that the technologies are controlling us.

I would never treat that as an issue that if I didn’t participate in the presentation dedicated to the advancement of technologies and their capacities in the investigation of space. It was about the astonishing development and unimaginable progress of mankind that stepped to the universe some 60 years ago. The devices, machines, equipments, satellites created to study the universe are unbelievable and the pace it accelerates is even more incredible. It demonstrated today’s achievements and its potential stating that we have only light years ahead.

Only the existence of this kind of technologies allowed the nowadays investigations and explorations of the universe, which is still so unrevealed and interesting. One can ask whether the accomplishments in space programs justify its costs, the answer is inevitably yes. The advancements alone are worth every penny spent, plus satellites for weather and communications, new materials and the pictures that show our place in the universe are also of immense value.

However these technological advancements have flown in our daily life as well. The innovations, speed are the inevitable part of our life. It needs seconds to find ANY kind of information, to get connected with your friends on the web, to buy whatever from wherever, , to be the part of any activity.

What is expecting us is the smart and smarter devices, central control systems, increased security with remote management. We will have smart homes, with domestic robots and fridge that knows when it is empty and calls to the shop ordering the needed quality of food. By the way, it auto-locks at 6 o’clock, thus preventing the eating of the owner thus worrying about his weight.:) We will have clean cars that inhale dust and pollution and exhale clean air, we will have smart cars with sensor monitoring systems and with no need to think about jams and the shortest ways to reach the desired destination.

Consequently, the people will become the beneficiaries of all the goods and services that technologies suggest, however- there will be no need to be troubled with domestic concerns, to worry about the ways of doing something and THINK about doing things right as the most optimal way is already offered by computer.

We cannot and what is more there is no need to extract ourselves from the ordinary pace of the progress, and it is impossible to find the invisible line where comfort ends and controls begin.

 However we can cope with it. If we prefer live communication, if we value people more than gadgets created by the same people, if we never stop thinking and sometimes even choosing harder but precise solutions, if we stop google-ing each and every issue, if we go out from the conformism and conditionality of we are living in, we will remain being masters of our life and will never become the slave of the things around us.

  Ani Gevorgyan


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