In October 2011 non-governmental organizations “Society for Humanitarian Research” (Baku), “European Integration” (Yerevan) and “Institute of Public Diplomacy” (Stepanakert) in partnership with NGO “International Centre for Geopolitical Studies” (Georgia) launched the implementation of the peace-building project “Together” with assistance of US Government.  In the framework of the project musicians, poets, designers, PR-specialists, photographers and video-makers from the societies involved in the Karabakh conflict presented their works on the topic of “Peace”. According to the conception of the organizers the representatives of arts and culture, the strata of society not so active in the dialogue process between the conflicting sides were to be involved to have their contribution into the peace-building process.

Throughout the nine months of the duration of the project around 100 works (attributes on the topic of “peace”) were presented by all the creative groups: logos, slogans, music, lyrics, photos and video material on the topic of “Peace”. All those works were collected and made available for the public on the Facebook page of the project “Together” “Project “Together!”/Events. Following the anonymous voting (visitors of the page did not know who they were voting for) those authors who collected the maximum number of votes had meetings in Tbilisi in two stages to work jointly on creation of “products-attributes of peace” (logo, slogan, lyrics, music, photo and video material) that symbolized the kind of peace that Armenians and Azeris would want to see “together”.

The final result and culmination of the project was the presentation of “attributes of peace” during the closing ceremony of the project “Together” that took place in Tbilisi on 16th June, 2012. The exhibition of all the works collected as well as the presentation of the Song of Peace, performed by Mher Mesropyan (Armenia), Leila Mammadova (Azerbaijan) and Hayk Gulyan (Karabakh) took place during the ceremony. The Logo and the Slogan of the project “Let Us Say YES to Peace”, the Video and the photos of the project were all demonstrated during the event.

The winners of the project “Together” received prizes and awarding diplomas signed among others by OSCE Minsk Group Co-chair Ambassador Robert Bradtke of the United States of America. Both the organizers and the participants of the project were united by the mutual confidence that projects such as this one bring us one step closer to the peace we all so long for.

The above-mentioned attributes can be found on the following links:

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as well as The Overall Presentation of the Project