Armenian National Cinema Centre with assistance of Armenian Ministry of Culture will already for the 4rth time participate in film shopping within the framework of the Cannes film festival 16-27 May.This year film by Armen Ronov “Your pain is mine” will be presented to the Cannes festival.

Armenia will participate in the film shopping festival with new format to present Armenian cinema larger. Armenian cinematographic companies will have their own pavilion and some events will take place there. Film presentations, meetings, acceptances, negotiations are on the agenda.

Armenian producers will present various film projects that are in different phases: “Enlightened Period”, “Unknown Heroine”, “Half-Moon Bay”, “On the Tightened Rope”, “Your Pain is Mine”, “Man A”, “Little Prince”, “Martsipan’s Ghost”, “Card for the Third Class”, “Again that New Year”, “Forgive Me”, “Anahit”, “Tails of the World Nations”, “Documental Film Projects”.

The Armenian delegation to the Cannes Shopping Festival will be headed by director of the Armenian National Cinema Center Gevorg Gevorgyan.